Friday, October 23, 2009

Mmmmm, coconut

The other day we desperately needed some food supplies but I didn't feel like driving ALL the way to town (a whole 15 minutes) so I went to our local little convenience store to grab some food supplies. While checking out the baking section, I had to decide between shredded coconut or cocoa powder...I went with the coconut. So the next day I had to use the Martha Stewart coconut cupcake recipe in her book because I love coconut! The cake batter was DELICIOUS, so I couldn't wait for the finished product.....

The cake was awesome...a little denser than I thought it could be...I tried to fill the cupcakes with raspberry puree, but could barely get any in there...maybe I have to work on my skills....and then I topped them all off with Martha's Seven Minute Frosting...first of all it takes longer than 7 minutes and what strange fascinating stuff it is! It tastes great but is so light you have to really adjust your pressure....then after another 7 minutes, it was already getting to be hard to use and losing its sheen....I will use it again though, just because I want to figure the stuff out! All was topped off with unsweetend coconut...pretty pretty pretty! If you'd like the recipes....shoot me an email or leave a comment.

I think I want to make some decorated sugar cookies next.....

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