Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yellow Buttermilk with Dark Chocolate & Fluffy Vanilla Frosting

So here are some pics of the finished cupcakes...the ones that I couldn't even resist tasting! I did doubt Martha for a bit on the chocolate frosting, it has 2 bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips in it, melted of course making it very runny. The recipe said that it would pipe out beautifully and I really thought it would just run all over the place so I had to add some more confectioners to it to just assure myself that wouldn't happen, and it didn't and it looks beautiful!

I also LOVE my new tip from, it made that perfect gorgeous swirl on my cupcakes! I think I'll use it forever now!

The dark chocolate frosting (from Martha Stewart Cupcakes if I didn't mention it before) also spread and frosted the birthday cake wonderfully as only warning, chill it for a bit before traveling, because the layers did slide just a little on the trip into town...

And here is my new pride and joy...a cupcake carrier I found on Amazon and have been waiting over a month to receive because it was on backorder. All summer long, everytime I had to transport cupcakes, it was a game of trying to balance them on plates in my car without them sliding off the plate or into each other. Almost everytime, one or both happened, very frustrating. So, as someone who loves to bake but would rather give them to people than eat myself, a nice transportation vessel was definitely in order!

It has 3 stacking trays holding 12 cupcakes each, or in this case, I only needed one tray for cupcakes and it fit the cake very nicely as well! Very promising....and heres the link the the carrier... CLICK HERE!

So if you remember from yesterday, I still have some sugar cookies cutouts to make....but those may have to wait till later as I have some pressing homework to do...

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