Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yellow Buttermilk with Dark Chocolate & Fluffy Vanilla Frosting

So here are some pics of the finished cupcakes...the ones that I couldn't even resist tasting! I did doubt Martha for a bit on the chocolate frosting, it has 2 bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips in it, melted of course making it very runny. The recipe said that it would pipe out beautifully and I really thought it would just run all over the place so I had to add some more confectioners to it to just assure myself that wouldn't happen, and it didn't and it looks beautiful!

I also LOVE my new tip from, it made that perfect gorgeous swirl on my cupcakes! I think I'll use it forever now!

The dark chocolate frosting (from Martha Stewart Cupcakes if I didn't mention it before) also spread and frosted the birthday cake wonderfully as only warning, chill it for a bit before traveling, because the layers did slide just a little on the trip into town...

And here is my new pride and joy...a cupcake carrier I found on Amazon and have been waiting over a month to receive because it was on backorder. All summer long, everytime I had to transport cupcakes, it was a game of trying to balance them on plates in my car without them sliding off the plate or into each other. Almost everytime, one or both happened, very frustrating. So, as someone who loves to bake but would rather give them to people than eat myself, a nice transportation vessel was definitely in order!

It has 3 stacking trays holding 12 cupcakes each, or in this case, I only needed one tray for cupcakes and it fit the cake very nicely as well! Very promising....and heres the link the the carrier... CLICK HERE!

So if you remember from yesterday, I still have some sugar cookies cutouts to make....but those may have to wait till later as I have some pressing homework to do...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Distractions.....and Yellow Buttermilk Cupcakes...and Sugar Cookies

I'm not sure what it it...I am starting to think I am NOT destined to be a wonderful baker. Either I never have the right ingredients but I only find out when I'm already half through mixing or I'm distracted by my kid's new found entertainment in writing on everything with any pen or marker he can find and I leave out the vanilla! Actually I blame that on Martha...I'm used to adding the vanilla into the sugar and egg mixture, not at the end..but in my want to follow the directions exactly..I forgot that final, crucial addition. I caught it just soon enough to put a little in the leftover batter and stir it into the cake pan but the cupcakes are doomed!

I also found a supposedly amazing sugar cookie recipe as I just purchased the box of 100 cookie cutters from wilton and am anxious to use some. I try to keep my baking supplies nice and organized in labeled tupperware containers...but alas I did not label the salt because I was pretty confident I could remember that the only NON-labeled was Salt and not Baking Soda or Baking Powder. Well my husband already made the mistake of thinking it was sugar for his coffee and I should have taken the notice then, instead I grab what I think is salt because I see no label (nor did I look for one) and of course, I found out well after the fact that it was Baking! Well the cookie batter I licked off my fingers tasted great, I guess we'll just see how they cook off.

I'll just have to try to be more patient I guess.....I'll update with pictures of the final products later!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wilton Cake Decorating Class - Course 1

So this Sunday I start my first real cake decorating class. Its taught at a local Michaels (well local being about an hour away), and I'm really excited!

The other day coming back from visiting my friend...I stopped in to check out all the cake decorating was just too much for me...I couldn't decide what I wanted (which was everything) so I didn't get anything. Now I'm wishing I had at least gotten some halloween sprinkles or something for the cupcakes I want to make tomorrow.

Well tomorrow I should have some more photos to post...and I can't wait until Sunday!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Logos...oh vey

So I've been working on my logo for a number of months now and know the concept that I'm looking for...both of these have problem is the font! So what do you think? Which one do you prefer...and why...

1. (this font cannot be found anymore....I don't quite know why....its great I think!)

OR heres is my most recent version.....


Share your thoughts in comments! THANKS!

Mmmmm, coconut

The other day we desperately needed some food supplies but I didn't feel like driving ALL the way to town (a whole 15 minutes) so I went to our local little convenience store to grab some food supplies. While checking out the baking section, I had to decide between shredded coconut or cocoa powder...I went with the coconut. So the next day I had to use the Martha Stewart coconut cupcake recipe in her book because I love coconut! The cake batter was DELICIOUS, so I couldn't wait for the finished product.....

The cake was awesome...a little denser than I thought it could be...I tried to fill the cupcakes with raspberry puree, but could barely get any in there...maybe I have to work on my skills....and then I topped them all off with Martha's Seven Minute Frosting...first of all it takes longer than 7 minutes and what strange fascinating stuff it is! It tastes great but is so light you have to really adjust your pressure....then after another 7 minutes, it was already getting to be hard to use and losing its sheen....I will use it again though, just because I want to figure the stuff out! All was topped off with unsweetend coconut...pretty pretty pretty! If you'd like the recipes....shoot me an email or leave a comment.

I think I want to make some decorated sugar cookies next.....

Hello world, its me Martha!

For months now I've been drooling and dreaming about baking delicious cupcakes and decorating beautiful cakes. I've been searching out every baking blog on the web and frequent a number of popular ones of which I'll be adding to my blog roll very quickly. I've held off on starting my own blog until I really had some time to devote to my favorite hobby! Due to my very busy summer schedule....I've had to wait until now...but I'll wait no longer.

I don't know what flipped to switch that turned me into this wanna-be baking goddess, but I'm truly obsessed (though I'm not so much enjoying how hard it is to stay on my diet AND baking all these yummy things) Everyday I want to bake something new and more creative...I constantly think of new flavor combinations and intricate designs that I honestly don't have the patience for in real life. But for now....I will keep learning from some of you other blogging bakers, keep teaching myself and share my experiences here.

The title of my Blog will hopefully be the future name of my business, I thought maybe bringing it to life somewhere might motivate me more in making it a reality!

So to all you other blogging baker goddesses...thanks for writing and BAKING such amazingly inspiring stuff...I hope this blogging experience proves to inspire someone else!

Picture Caption: Blueberry Lemon with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting, Carrot Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting, and Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream