Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Cocktail Party Challenge!!

This Friday, we are having a little Cocktail Party to celebrate the season with friends. Normally, when I have a party...a few hundred dollars are spent on food, drinks, decorations....etc. Well this year, here's my challenge: I will spend no more than $125 for everything!!!

Of course, I don't have to purchase any decorations...we are taking this year off from buying anything...we have oodles already (could use more of course) but we don't need it. I do have a small advantage...I get to purchase my wine at cost (a benefit of being in the industry) but the food is always challenging to keep the cost down. Now, I'm not taking into consideration the food and ingredients that I already have in the house...only what I will spend in addition.

The menu isn't finalized yet...I'll update later once the menu is set...ONE THING I am attempting though is a Croqembouche...a beautiful french cake that is coincidentally shaped like a christmas tree....

Probably the most difficult thing to attempt considering I'm such a novice baker...but I can wait!

I will also be making some cupcakes (of course) and peppermint bark (super easy)

We are having a yankee swap as well, so for one of the gifts I was going to do a little gourmet hot chocolate set, with some butterscotch schnapps and homemade toasted caramel marshmallows courtesy of Miss Ina Garten

Wish me luck! I'll post the menu...and then the outcome with of course loads of pictures of my $125 party!!

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